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Umul Qura Orphanage centre (Boarding school)

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The centre was opened in 2010 to educate and care for the orphans. We believe that Education is a critical part of the moral development, social development as well as economic development of an individual.

We are currently looking after 150 orphans (102 boys and 48 girls) from the ages 7 to 14. We also provide training, educational and employment support for the orphans above the age of 15. We currently have 100 orphan children on our waiting list in need of sponsorship for full boarding. We have the capacity to cater for 250 orphans should we find sponsors.

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We are sustained by short-term individual and zakat donations. We continue to fundraise but are in urgent need of a long-term funding, sponsorship and donations in order to continue to meet the needs of these orphan children which are amongst a growing number.


We require an average of $100000 ($50 per child x 150 children = $90000 + $ 10000 overheads).

We also require funding for one off worthy projects such as finishing of digging a well, extending the school, prayer mosque, library,  that would benefit you in the hereafter. We are badly in need of computers, beds, tables and chairs.

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